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Our shared community needs your support to continue low-cost, family-friendly programming, and to help maintain our facilities throughout the Springfield Park District. We offer the personal growth and sense of community you are looking for. We are with you from 16 months to your senior years. We pride ourselves on being your home away from home for generations to come. 
Your support makes a difference, and WE THANK YOU!

Springfield Park District Agency Overview

Serves 135,000 residents
Second Park District organized in the state of Illinois
Facilities all over Springfield, Illinois
Approx. 1 million patron visits per year at signature facilities 
Established relationships with local agencies 

About the Springfield Park District

The Springfield Park District was organized on February 8, 1900. It was the second Park District organized in the state of Illinois. The Springfield Park District serves approximately 135,000 residents and its boundaries encompass the greater portion of the Springfield metropolitan area, covering approximately 60 square miles, 2,500 acres of parkland, 322 acres of Nature Preserve, 36 parks, 23 miles of bike trails, and four golf courses.

The Springfield Park District offers a variety of educational and recreational programs, classes, and events for people ranging in age from six months to seniors. The Park District partners with several local organizations and clubs to provide athletic programming such as youth baseball/softball, men's soccer, disc golf leagues, cricket, rugby, pickleball, youth football, bicycling clubs, and related clubs/groups. Additionally, the Springfield Park District also maintains intergovernmental/cooperative agreements with various Police Departments, School Districts, and local colleges. 

The Springfield Park District is managed by an elected board of Trustees. The governing board is composed of an elected President and six additional elected Trustees all serving four-year terms. The district employs an Executive Director to execute Board policies, manage the agency's affairs, implement strategies for park and recreation development and develop goals to accomplish the agency mission.

Community Impact

Parks and Recreation services are often cited as one of the most important factors in how livable communities are. Parks provide gathering places for families and social groups, as well as for individuals of all ages and economic statuses. They are vitally important to establishing and maintaining the quality of life in a community, ensuring the health and wellness of families, and youth.

Our Media

Springfield Park District Facebook Posts

Reach: 95,000 +/month

Engaging: 12,000 +/month

Events: 91,000 reach/year

Henson Robinson Zoo Facebook Posts

Reach: 45,000 +/month

Engaging: 13,000 +/month

Events: 92,000 reach/year

Vast attendance/exposure at:

Four Golf Courses: Bergen Golf Course, Bunn Golf Course, Lincoln Greens Golf Course, and Pasfield Golf Course

Washington Park Botanical Garden

Two Outdoor Pools: Nelson Center and Veterans Memorial Pools

Eisenhower Pool


Henson Robinson Zoo

Nelson Center Ice Rink

Thomas Rees Memorial Carillon

Velasco Tennis Center

Washington Park Pavilion

Partnership Opportunities

Signature Events

On-site presence at our events will expose you to a targeted demographic. Options include:
Presenting sponsor
- $2,000
Event sponsor
- $500
Table at an event - $100

Signature Events Include:

Spring Floral Display - Approx. 1,000 attendees - March-April

Zoo Opening Day - Approx. 700 attendees - April Event

Pool Opening Weekend - Approx. 1,500 attendees - May Event

Carillon Summer Concert Series - Approx. 10,000 viewers - May-August Series

FURever FUNfest - Approx. 300 attendees - August Event

Holiday Zoo Lights - Approx. 6,500 attendees - November and December Event

Winter Floral Show- Approx. 1,000 attendees - November and December Event

Park Partner Events

International Carillon Festival

The International Carillon Festival brings thousands of visitors over the course of the event from all over the world.

Fireworks Sponsor - $10,000

Annual Marketing Partnership

$7,500 annually

Customizable Package including:

  • Monthly/quarterly social media posts (variety of pages to choose from)
  • Monthly in-facility TV ads (Erin's Pavilion, Henson Robinson Zoo, Velasco Tennis Center, Washington Park Botanical Garden, Nelson Center, and Eisenhower Pool)
  • Quarterly e-blasts to 10,000 subscribers
  • Quarterly web pop-up ads, redirected to your landing page (30,000 visitors/month), for a duration of one week
  • TIP: Have a call to action! 

Seasonal Activity Guide

Published online with interactive links!

Prices are per issue (three issues per year)

Premier sponsor: $2,500

Inside front cover: $1,000

Full page: $660

Half page: $440

Quarter page: $320

Signage & Banners

Large Scale Banner 

$10,000 for one year; $2,000 per year renewed

8'x10' full-color banner along the Nelson Center Pool or Henson Robinson Zoo Fence

Note: The Nelson Center Ice Rink and the Henson Robinson Zoo have the highest foot traffic at the Springfield Park District on a seasonal basis! 

Field Banners

$800 per season

6'x4' displayed at one of our baseball fields

Note: The District has 41 baseball fields in high traffic locations! 

Dashboard Banners

Displayed in Rink 2 of the Nelson Center

Full Size (2.5'x8') - $2,000

Half Size (30"x48") - $1,000

Facility Coffee Sponsor

$500 for three months

Complimentary coffee is available for patrons every morning at the Nelson Center Ice Rink with sponsor recognition at the coffee station

For more information: 


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