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Where Your Tax Dollars Go

Less than 6% of the average Springfield resident’s total tax bill is attributed to the Springfield Park District. For a $100,000 homeowner, taxes paid to the Park District were approximately $130.

Pie Chart showing where Residents Taxes Go: Springfield School District #186 57%, Other 13%, Springfield Corporate - City 10%, Sangamon County 9%, Community College District #526 5%, and Springfield Park District 5%

Tax Rate Comparison

The Springfield Park District’s tax rate is nearly one-third of the rate assessed by other Park Districts in Central Illinois resulting in lower taxes for property owners.

Tax Comparison Graph from a scale of 0 to 1.5: Springfield Park District 0.49, Champaign Park District 0.72, Peoria Park District 0.85, Decatur Park District 1.15, and Urbana Park District 1.23.

How the Park District is Funded

Total Revenue FY 19 $16.5 Million

How the Park District is Funded Pie Chart: Tax Levies 77%, Guest Fees 17%, Other Taxes 4%, Contributions, Interest and Other 2%.

Community's Return on Investment

Total Expenditures FY 19 $17.2 Million

Community's Return On Investment Pie Chart: Recreation 28%, General Operations 28%, Park Maintenance 19%, Capital Improvements 14%, Museum 8%, Police 3%.

Financial Info

FY23 Budget and Appropriation Ordinance

Amended FY22 Budget and Appropriation Ordinance

FY22 Budget and Appropriation Ordinance

Tax Levy

Financial Audit

Total Compensation Package

Public Act 101-0504 IMRF Disclosure

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